Jan Meyers Proett - About Jan
"She is a wise, compelling, and life-giving presence" -
~ Dan B. Allender, The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology - Founding President and Professor of Counseling Psychology, Author of The Wounded Heart, Intimate Allies and To be Told
"“I have known Jan Proett for nearly two decades. She is my first choice whenever my friends need a counselor. The truth is, if you can get in to see Jan, you’re immensely fortunate and should seize the opportunity immediately. She’s wonderful"
     ~John Eldredge ~ Founder of Ransomed Heart Ministries, and author of The Sacred Romance, Wild at Heart, and Beautiful Outlaw.
""Jan is an intuitive artist who knows where the all secrets are hidden in the human psyche and soul ....she knows where the grace is hidden, too . . . "
     ~Kathryn Helmers, Literary Agent, Creative Trust Literary Group
"Her fierce integrity and tenacious belief in the redemptive, reconciling work of the the Gospel is something to behold."
     ~ The Rev. Joel Pinson, International Anglican Church
"Jan’s words are piercing – they bring comfort, hope, and healing"
     ~Vance F. Brown - Chairman and CEO, Cherwell Software, Inc. (cherwell.com)     Founder and Chairman, Band of Brothers Ministry (bandofbrothers.org)
About Jan
I am a wife to my husband Steve, friend, counselor, speaker and author of The Allure of Hope, Listening to Love and Beauty and the Bitch:  Grace for the Worst in Me. 
I have been a counselor for twenty years.  I've been involved in trauma-informed care in Sri Lanka, Nepal, the Philippines, North America and Central and East Africa. 
I am happiest when my hands are in the soil, and happier still at harvest time.  It's good when I can be on a mountain, hiking or skiing. I love being in, cultivating, fighting for and enjoying my marriage.  And I love fighting for the marriages of friends.  I love hanging out with words, and I both love and lament their power.  The people I most respect are those who cultivate a rich inner life and an honest outer life, a life of service.  I'm grateful to be surrounded by such folks.
The greatest pleasure, but also the most challenging aspect of my life, is seeking to follow Jesus Christ.  This does inform my counseling practice, speaking and writing, but not in the ways you might think.  The face of True Christianity is not angry,positioned and arrogant, nor is it plastic, stiff and strained, but it is passionate, grieved, in awe, intelligently humorous, fierce and loving. And it is meant to bring freedom.
Ask me about it, sometime.
Books by Jan Meyers Proett
 Listening to Love        The Allure of Hope
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