Lovely Justice – beauty in the long wait for restoration.
Life hurts.  Injustice Happens.  Restoration is coming.  Oh, but the wait is long.
What will we do with our lives in the meantime?
Living beautiful lives in the midst of injustice is a high calling.  It requires courage, honesty, openness to healing.  And it asks for change in our own hearts in the meantime.
It is a willingness to face darkness, to acknowledge it, to call evil what it is, then refuse to be mocked by it.   To mock back, with love.
It is a calling, an invitation, an art. And it is impossible without love
This page is devoted to those who desire to live out that beauty and courage.  Below are links to organizations, small businesses, and non-profits which I have witnessed to have great integrity as they live out the purposes of restoration, on all levels.
Ellilta, International
Ellilta, Women at Risk, Ethiopia
Make Way Partners
Samaritana Transformational Ministries
Love 146
The International Justice Mission
Compassion, International
The Allender Center
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