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The Allure of Hope

"The Allure of Hope is not a whimsical reminder of the importance of keeping hope. It is a passionate cry of how hope seizes us and changes us in spite of our losses and fears. If there is one book you read this year, I would sell the farm to buy this labor of love from Jan Meyers." ~ Dan B. Allender, PhD., author of Bold Love, Cry of the Soul and The Wounded Heart.

From the forward, by John Eldredge: "The Allure of Hope is not an easy read. It will uncover places in your heart long abandoned, reveal the strategies you've been using to distance yourself from your own femininity, and make the choice before you unmistakably clear. 

 But I doubt you would have read this far if

you were still happy with that other way of living and the weariness it induces. And so let me simply encourage you: if you want to take the risk of coming alive as a woman, this book will take you there with grace, with honesty, with humor, and with hope. You will find it... alluring. And the effect upon you will be alluring as well."

Beauty and the Bitch: Grace for the Worst in Me

In this stunning work, Jan shares intimately her journey, her failings, her pain, her story – and the steady restoring presence of Love throughout. It is overflowing with wisdom and hope; winsomely, brilliantly and honestly written. Read it. Take the risk. Choose to come more alive.

    ~ Stasi Eldredge, author of Captivating and Becoming Myself

Jan encourages the birth of something in you and me: beauty - not as the world defines but as God desires. This process is not pretty, but the world doesn't need more pretty. The world needs more beautiful. Thank you, 


    ~ John Blase, author of Know When to Hold 'Em and co-author of All is Grace

Jan's words will heal and minister life to the broken places for so many women.

    ~ Sarah Bessey, author of Jesus Feminist

Jan Proett has lovingly and graciously allowed us to enter her world to see not only the harm but the hope. The more 

we tell the truth about our war the more the healing our heart is open to receive. And the hope is always the beauty 

we have been made to be in the light of the true beauty of Jesus. Beauty and the Bitch pushes the envelope of 

language and invites us to consider the depths of what inflicts not only a woman's heart but a man's as well.

    ~ Dan Allender, Ph.D., Professor of Counseling Psychology and Founding President, The Seattle School of Theology

 and Psychology



Listening to Love

While God does ask everything of us, he actually wants everything for us. He doesn't want blind loyalty or bored religious compliance; he longs for nothing less than our entire passionate selves - - seomthing most of us have yet to glimpse. God's desire is that we lean in, listen and wrestle with him so that we can respond to him without fear.

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