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I have known Jan Meyers Proett for over thirty years as a colleague and friend. She is a woman who has courageously walked with Jesus to engage her own story and the heartache that resides in all who are willing to tell the truth. She has walked among the dead drowned by the Asian tsunami and cared for the living scattered on debris fields.

Yet she is a woman who has lived in the promise of the resurrection. Her capacity to hold suffering and anticipate the surprising coming of joy enables her to tenderly and fiercely walk with others to an end that could not have been imagined at the beginning. She is a wise, compelling, and life-giving presence.

Dan B. Allender

The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology

Founding President and Professor of Counseling Psychology

Author of The Wounded Heart, Intimate Allies and To be Told

I've known Jan Proett for almost 20 years as a colleague, a fellow sojourner and a dear friend. She is a phenomenally gifted woman who offers others a safe place to be known, a deep well of wisdom that speaks the kindness of God and an uncanny, keen awareness of the Holy Spirit's work in the lives of others. Her fierce integrity and tenacious belief in the redemptive, reconciling work of the the Gospel is something to behold. I simply can't recommend her highly enough for those who want to journey more closely with Jesus and find their place in His Kingdom."

Rev. Joel B. Pinson

“I have known Jan Proett for thirty years. She is my first choice whenever my friends need a counselor. The truth is, if you can get in to see Jan, you’re immensely fortunate and should seize the opportunity immediately. She’s wonderful.”

John Eldredge ~ Founder of Ransomed Heart Ministries, and author of The Sacred Romance, Wild at Heart, and Beautiful Outlaw.

"Jan Meyers Proett is an intuitive artist who knows where the all secrets are hidden in the human psyche and soul . . . secret wounds and needs, secret longings and joys. She listens to them and gives voice to them with empathy, compassion, and beauty. But she also knows how to shake off the weight of human pathology in the happy comfort of animals, the clear air of a New Mexico canyon, the liberation of worship, or the cleansing renewal of laughter with friends. In other words, she knows where the grace is hidden, too . . .

Kathryn Helmers, Literary Agent
Creative Trust Literary Group

Jan has the spiritual “eyes to see” and “ears to hear.” She sees and hears with the Father’s lens of love rather than a lens of fear. Jan’s words are piercing – they bring comfort, hope, and healing. I trust my heart and soul with Jan because she filters her insights through God’s Word and God’s love.

Vance F. BrownChairman and CEO, Cherwell Software, Inc. ( and Chairman, Band of Brothers Ministry (

Jan is one of the kindest women I know. And a true master of the craft of counseling. Her exceptional skill and intuition combined with her passion and love for redemption will disarm you. You will be met in your suffering. And you will be shown the path to hope again. She is well worth every dollar and every drop of gas to get to her. Let her help you find life again.

Sam Jolman, M.A., LPC

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