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Counseling Endorsements

Here is what former clients wish for you to know:

Jan Meyers is truly a rare gem. I've recommended her to at least a dozen friends. She listens with a kind heart and a keen mind. She helped me struggle through the chaos of a conflicted heart, acknowledging truths that I couldn't see for myself. Her maturity, kindness and humility created a safe place for me to heal, change, and grow. ~David

No one can name things the way Jan can. We call her a Jedi - - she softly enters and then pierces with clarity. The precision of her work with the human heart is rare, and a privilege to receive. - John

"Jan offers insight and truth with empathy, love and refreshing honesty. I leave our sessions with new hope and freedom. She introduced me to a deeper love and freedom ithan I ever though possible." ~ Katy

We experienced more help and change in three sessions with Jan than we did going to counseling for months elsewhere. - Tim and Joceyln

With kindness and strength only possible from days of leaning into love herself, Jan has boldly fought for me to unveil the places of silent suffering in my life. Jan comes to the place of my confusion and draws out my courage to name the harm and lies that have deceived my heart for far too long. Both with me and on my behalf, Jan fights against these strongholds and offers life. She has been the hands and face of Jesus to me in my journey of healing. 

 ~ Lisa

We know God’s love more fully through our time with this wise servant. 

 - Bryan and Susan

It would be nice if therapists were immune to marital disasters, but we aren't. My wife and I entered Jan's office with little to no hope. Jan did a beautiful job of connecting with our hearts as individuals and then helping us understand and care for each other in places we were failing to do so. It was clear that Jan believed in and heard both of us, thus enabling us to see and believe in each other's beauty again. By the time we were done, I think both my wife and I felt like we were moving toward the kind of relationship we longed for when we were first married as we untangled ourselves from our past stories. In all the therapy I've been in or seen over the years Jan stands at the top of my list. ~ Phil, psychologist,

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